About Franken Systems.

Liquid plastics from FRANKEN SYSTEMS. More than just a sealant!

Behind our FRANKOSIL®, REVOPUR® and FRANKOLON® brand sealing solutions are people with both passion and practicality. At FRANKEN SYSTEMS, we do our best every day to ensure that installers have first-class products made of liquid plastic and therefore sealing solutions of the highest quality at their fingertips. Delivered on time to construction sites across the world.

However, first-class products must be processed professionally in order to reach their full potential. That’s why we also give our all when it comes to giving advice. A competent team of sales representatives and application technicians advises and supports you in carrying out your projects. That way, your projects always run perfectly.

Ecology & sustainability. Certified.

Ecology and sustainability are more than just trendy terms for us. These are important values to protect human health and nature. That’s why we offer certified products that are safe for your health.

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For professionals, by professionals: The Franken Systems training programme.

The best material is of no use whatsoever without knowing how to process it. In our training courses, we show you how to use FRANKEN SYSTEMS products to create the perfect sealings quickly and economically. And suddenly everything is very simple!

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Your career. In the fRANKEN sYSTEMS team.

At FRANKEN SYSTEMS, we develop, produce and distribute innovative, top-class liquid plastics that waterproof and seal structures over a wide area. Our products protect the building fabric, and maintain the function and value of a property. And we want to be the best at that. Want to join us? Then convince us that you have what it takes.

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