Ecology & sustainability

Ecology & sustainability.

Environmental sustainability is an issue that’s close to our hearts. Because environmentally compatible products protect nature, the installer, and the people who use the processed surfaces. It is precisely because of our sensitivity to this issue that FRANKEN SYSTEMS products are also used in sensitive areas such as nurseries, schools, hospitals and public buildings. To be successful here, we are already committed in the planning phase of new developments and also pursue our efforts to continuously improve products already available on the market.

For maximum environmental compatibility, we do not use plasticisers or solvents in the liquid plastics of our FRANKOSIL®, REVOPUR® and FRANKOLON® product systems. In our system products, we replace organic solvents whenever possible. In principle, our formulations are free of pigments and catalysts containing heavy metals as well as organic compounds containing halogens. We prefer to use renewable raw materials and recycled materials.

However, as far as we’re concerned, sustainability doesn’t end with our product ingredients. With our in-house photovoltaic system at the Gollhofen site, we generate enough electricity to also supply production and, as such, ensure that the manufacture of our sealing solutions is as CO2-neutral as possible. This is how “sustainability” works!

Can be used without problems thanks to the tried and tested product quality.

Numerous test certificates from independent institutes prove that FRANKEN SYSTEMS products are of the highest quality and are ecologically safe. Our customers can rely on our permanent quality efforts in all areas of the company: Franken Systems GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001.