Joint construction & joint renovation

Protect the load, avoid damaging the vehicle, protect the driver’s health. With REVOPUR® joint liquid.

Hard work is being done here. Whether in production, industrial and trade fair halls or in logistics operations, a joint can be driven over hundreds of times every day by heavy and the heaviest means of transport plus the corresponding load. On top of this mechanical load, vibrations from a wide variety of sources plus temperature-related changes in the length of the floor slab must also be taken into account. And once the joint has been damaged, it’ll be done soon after. It breaks open so the crack becomes wider and wider. Uneven roadways are the result.

Direct damage caused by damaged joints is wide-ranging, spanning from increased wear and tear of the industrial trucks due to vibrations, to the load becoming damaged due to them being dropped, to driver absences due to excessive strain on the spine. This is reason enough to focus on quality when it comes to joint construction and joint renovation. With REVOPUR® joint liquid!


REVOPUR® joint liquid. Always the right choice!

Don’t worry if the joint lies neatly in the freshly concreted floor, has been worked in with a milling machine or if the floor has imperfections and having a level surface is simply wishful thinking. Armed with our recommendations for the right system construction and REVOPUR® joint liquid, you’ll get every joint filled neatly.

System construction JPS10

With the optimal conditions many dozens of metres of joint can be realised in a single day. Priming, filling with REVOPUR® joint liquid and sanding the surface so it’s smooth: the joint is renovated in just a few hours and ready to be driven over another ten thousand times.

System construction JPS11

In difficult cases, when the concrete has defects and a flat surface is out of the question, you first create a smooth joint base. You can create any layer thickness using special mortar, a priming quartz sand mixture. The joint is then filled level with REVOPUR® joint liquid and then

Systemaufbauten Fuge

JPS Fugenliquid
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