Waterproofing roofs & buildings

Water runs from the top down. But this doesn’t pose a problem if your sealing solution is from FRANKEN SYSTEMS.

The roof is one part of a house that comes under the most stress. Continuous rain, hail, snow – it is not uncommon for water to collect on the roof in these cases. And that follows every movement in the house. Whether due to extreme temperature fluctuations in summer or winter, or simply due to movements in the soil. The roof is predestined to develop cracks in sensitive areas such as attics, parapets or skylights and to suffer sensitive damage from water penetration.

FRANKEN SYSTEMS sealing solutions reliably seal roofs and connections, for new builds as well as for building renovation. Our liquid plastics are approved to the highest performance level ETAG005, crack-bridging and meet the top required performance classes for a long service life. Easy to apply, odourless and certified as being ecological: with our products, even large areas can be treated quickly and without posing any major health hazards.