FRANKOSIL Turbo Shot® - the curing turbo for FRANKOSIL® - for the shortest curing times, at any time of year

Switch onthe Turbo...

... so that the bad weather doesn’t slow you down

Faster, better, safer – FRANKOSIL Turbo Shot® turns FRANKOSIL® 1K Plus into probably the fastest 1-component sealing on the market.

  • Rapid progress in construction
  • Able to bear loads within a very short time after application
  • Maximum level of safety in changeable weather



  • Can bear weight after 1.5 h
  • Odourless
  • Year-round processing
  • Easy to handle, can be measured with measuring cup
  • Mixing errors excluded

Secure sealing

With bad weather

Rapid construction progress

Even on complex
building constructions

Reduced risk

From damage
caused by other trades

With FRANKOSILTurbo Shot®

One of thefastestsealants on the market! Odourless. Solvent-free. 

Curing in just1.5h

1C-PU sealing

Curing up to 12h


FRANKOSIL Turbo Shot® must be shaken thoroughly. Then empty the entire amount of FRANKOSIL Turbo Shot® and stir it evenly into the FRANKOSIL® 1K Plus.

Alternatively, only part of the Turbo Shot® quantity can be adjusted to the processor’s needs using a measuring cup.

Technical data in combination with FRANKOSIL® 1K Plus

One bottle of FRANKOSIL Turbo Shot® is sufficient for a 6 kg container of FRANKOSIL® 1K Plus.

  • Processing timeapprox. 15 mins*
  • Reworkableafter approx. 1 h*
  • Rainproofafter approx. 30 mins*
  • Resilienceafter approx. 1.5 h*

* Measurements taken at 21°C and a rel. humidity of 50%. Weather conditions such as wind, humidity and temperature will change the specified values. For further information, please refer to our technical data sheets in the download area.