Joint filler

Quickly, beautifully and smoothly. With joint filler from FRANKEN SYSTEMS.

A joint is loaded to the maximum level: the heaviest transport goods with the most diverse tyres drive over them hundreds of times, every day.

This challenge can only be mastered with many years of experience and the right choice of materials. Our joint liquid can be driven over again roughly 3 hours
after installation. It can also be partially installed. This means that roadways or parts of these only need to be closed for a very short time. This covers everything: whether in the freezer, in the food warehouse or in Dubai at 50°C.


Fugenliquid JF200 R

2-component, fast-working and solvent-free joint filler.

  • 20 kg combination plastic container
  • 10 kg plastic container
  • 2 x 2.5 kg kneading bag
  • Permanently elastic & crack-bridging
  • Solvent- and plasticiser-free
  • Shore hardness approx. 95 Shore A
  • Solvent-free