All sealed. With first-class liquid plastics.

Easy to use. Fast and efficient processing. Long-lasting effect. It doesn’t matter which sealing system you choose: with FRANKEN SYSTEMS, you get liquid plastics that are absolutely first-class.

FRANKOSIL®, REVOPUR®, FRANKOLON®. Each system has its own strengths and preferred use cases. But there’s one thing you can rely on with all three of these systems: excellent ecological properties that protect the installer as well as the environment.

The FRANKEN SYSTEMS sealing systems

FRANKOSIL®. The ecological 1-component sealing system.

Particularly easy and economical to use, free of hazardous substances and non-toxic. In the version with the combinable Turbo Shot, super-fast curing is possible. FRANKOSIL® is the specialist when it has to be quick and easy and when simple requirements suffice for the appearance of the surface.

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REVOPUR®. The versatile 2-component sealing system.

Particularly low emissions and fast curing. REVOPUR® is the ideal solution for decoratively and functionally optimised multi-layer structures. Such system constructions with up to five layers can easily be created in a single working day.

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FRANKOLON®. The classic 2-component sealing system.

Solvent-free, of course. Another jewel from FRANKEN SYSTEMS. FRANKOLON® boasts the proven quality for achieving particularly good adhesive properties on various substrates.

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